Passenger fasziniert 2500 Zuschauer auf dem KunstRasen
Zuvor hatten schon der leidenschaftliche Vagabund Stu Larsen sowie die exzellente niederländische Indie-Rockband Kensington (letztere wuchtige, mitunter fast brachiale Klanggebirge auftürmend und damit einen deutlichen Kontrast zu den anderen Bands des Abends bildend) für Stimmung gesorgt.

Passenger arrives in Bonn

In between Larsen and his long term travelling companion there was a bit of rocking to be done. You might think, given their name, that Kensington would be a London based Rock combo. You would be wrong. This explosive little Rock troop actually hail from Utrecht although their music does have a British Indie-Pop feel about it to be sure. Frontman Eloi Youssef certainly looked like an angry young man whenever he caught my camera lens pointed in his direction. The tatoo on his arm cites Joni Mitchell and in an interview with Jazz & Rock recently he cites Frank Sinatra as “Probably the best singer of all time” so Youssef is evidently a man with a broad palette of influences but the Soundgarden one is the most obvious onstage tonight. Would love to see this band in a small and sweaty club with the sound turned up loud. 7.30 pm on a blindingly sunny field and with an eye always on the volume is not where they shine but they did manage to sparkle enough for me to want to hear more.