by Roel

kensington an introduction to album cover

It’s rather questionable why a band would release their first cd single packed in a dvd-box. Actually, it’s even more questionable why there’s a ballerina on the front cover of said dvd-box. Well anyway, It certainly gives away a rather sketchy first impression of the band Kensington, an emo-rock band hailing from the Netherlands I had never heard of before.

I can be fairly short about it as well: it has a fucking ballerina on the front cover. Clearly, Kensington are an emo band. Luckily, it’s the kind of emo-rock that I can stand. Instead of complex song structures and slow going melodies, Kensington have chosen to keep everything fairly simplistic. The single brings us two catchy and poppy emo-rock songs, without too much useless stuff surrounding it. There are no redundant screams, no heavy breakdowns, no metal riffage and no weird out of place instrumental interludes. Just two good mid-tempo melodic rock songs driving on nice soothing guitar melodies and calm drumming.

The lead vocals are very good, albeit a bit standard perhaps. They kind of lack the character and originality necessary to set this band apart from others in this overcrowded scene. I guess that’s the main problem with these two songs really: they’re very good within the borders of the emo-rock genre, but they’re nothing new or too special. The band sounds tight, but not exceptionally amazing. They remind me a bit of Taking Back Sunday in their heydays. The problem with that of course being that many popular bands these days do so as well.

If you ever get the chance to see these guys live, go check them. If you like their set, don’t forget to pick up this short introduction to the band for only a couple of euros. It won’t slap you in the face, but it wont disappoint you either. It’s just… standard. Like so many bands in this genre. Still; props to the band for writing two catchy songs. If only they could give it a twist and create more of an own sound, it might actually lead to a very good debut.