So here we are then, taking over the Funny Trees blog, what an honour! Kensington is four guys, Eloi (vocals / guitar), Jan (bass), Niles (drums) and myself, Casper (vocals and guitars). After a year full of ups, we look back on a great 2009: we got signed, we recorded our debut album in the UK, played countless of cool shows in Holland and even played some shows abroad. We made new friends all over Europe and had the privilege of sharing the stage with some very cool other bands.

kensington live

This week we will tell you how exactly we achieved some of these goals, and what’s in stock for the coming months. To start this takeover on a funny note, here’s a little video of the drive home after the last gig of 2009, Casper and booker/manager Cedric are making the best of the slippery roads in Utrecht with the Vansington. Tomorrow we will tell you something about the process of making our debut record, and recording it in Leeds…