kensington studio analogue rooms with james kenosha

After we signed a recorddeal with Bladehammer Music / Sony ATV in February, we started looking intensively for someone who could produce our debut record. We needed a creative / openminded yet technically skillfull guy (or girl!). After hearing Grammatics’ self titled debut, we found ‘’that special someone’’ in James Kenosha, a young and aspiring producer from Leeds. And a great guy, of course. Several bands he produced last year are now making a name for themselves in the UK: Pulled Apart By Horses (NME darlings), Grammatics (did a full tour with Bloc Party in October) and Dinosaur Pile-Up (main tour support for Pixies) are all quite excellent in their own way, I strongly suggest you check them all out! Anyway, James heard and loved our early album demo’s and flew to Amsterdam to meet us and see us play live, and after having a few (or a lot of) drinks after the show, it was clear there was a mutual ambition to create something awesome. That meant we were going to record our debut album in the UK, a dream come true.

After loading up the Vansington and the trailer, we took off, catched the overnight ferry to Harwich, drove up to Leeds, our home for the next 10 weeks. The actual recordings of our debut record took place in Elland, a small town near Leeds, in The Analogue Rooms, a studio owned by Kaiser Chiefs’ keyboard player Peanut and Matt, a great Aussie dude, who was a friend of James. So we got a friendly price for a suberb studio. Quite awesome indeed. We did not sleep in the studio, we rented a (very, very basic) house in Armley, quite easily Leeds’ worst neighbourhood. I think nights in an asylum filled with schizophrenics are more calm than the nights we had on Aberdeen Walk in Armley, but hey, we spent 16 hours a day in the studio, so we survived. Off days obviously sucked, although a joyride ending in front of your house defenitely adds an excitement factor, check the picture for the proof! But we were there to record our debut album, so nothing could stop us, not even the lack of sleep due to the not-so-sweet-nightly-love-making of our neighbours. But hey, great art comes from suffering, right?

kensington aberdeen walk leeds