This is our last blog entry here on Funny Trees, I hope y’all liked it! We’re looking forward to a great 2010, the year we are going to release our debut album, do a full-on tour, hopefully make a video and meet lot’s of cool new people. We unfortunately can’t be too specific about all the these plans at the moment, as we are still in the wokring-hard-behind-the-scenes phase, often the most boring phase, but probably the most important.. The artwork is coming together, and we might even record two extra tracks for the record. Last month we wrote two new tracks that we are really stoked about, and might add these to the record…

Anyway, in the meanwhile, we are always up for playing a show, anywhere, anytime, so if you like us, just email Cedric via or contact us directly via Take a peek at our website ( every once and a while, or stay up to date via Twitter (@kensingtonband). We want to thank the kind people of Funny Trees who allowed us to blog on their website and wish them and their visitors all the best in future endeavors.

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